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    2 year Princess Wedding Dresses UK old with Eczema Hi, i am a mom to a 2 year old little boy and he has had eczema since he was 3 months old.Just recently we went to an allergist, he put him on a strict regimen:We had to get an air purifier, mattress and pillow covers, rooms had to be free of cats(We have 5), he gets a bath at night every day and is slathered in vaseline and only cotton clothes are put on him.We wash his clothes in all free and clear and use white dove bar soap on his skin.He was also taking an oral steroid every day for 1 week plus a cream based steroid for 1 week, as well as an antibiotic for 1 month and he’s been taking an antihistamine twice a day for about 2 months. Everything was going good in the begining and his skin cleared up but then out of no where his skin is broken out in a rash, some places it’s just little tiny bumps and then in others like under his arms and groin are big red raw patches, i don’t understand what’s going on, he’s never had this before.He’s been allergy tested saying that he’s only mildly allergic to dust mites and we have been doing the same thing from the time his skin was clear up until now, no different and his skin is super bad.Please help! The thing about allergy testing so young is that allergies can change.They outgrow the old ones, develope new ones, or Formal Evening Dresses UK existing allergies can get worse.Everyone is going to tell you what they use for their babies eczema, but you need to find what works for your little man.We like to use aveeno soothing relief moisture cream.It works well for us, but what works well for one may not work as well for others. Also, if this is being caused by allergies;Then a benadryl cream or a hydrocortizone cream may be worth trying.Some kind of cream with an antihystamine in it. You should go to a dermatologist.It can take a while to find a skin care regimen that works.Different things work for different kids.Both our children have dealt with eczemafor our son, cetaphil lotion and occasional hydrocortisone worked wonders, while our daughter has required 3 different prescriptions creams as well as a different moisturizer(Cerave)To get hers under control.The good thing is that if you get it well under control, you only have to use the prescription stuff occasionally. First off, let me say i’m in the one percentile with the peanut allergy that will send me into anaphylactic shock.Besides severe food allergies to nuts and soy, i’m very allergic to mold, dogs and dust mites.I have had several very bad reactions with the patches you are speaking of in basement appartments with carpeting because mold tends to gravitate underneath and sometimes even hotel rooms when i leave the country are a problem. I too, can only use vaseline as aveeno has soy(Which i’m very allergic), Aquaphor and Eucerin have either lanolin or dimethicone which I’m allergic to both.Another very good unscented lotion i use is california baby. I hope this helps. I want to add i wrote an article recently that you might want to read.No matter how good for sensitive skin these companies tell you they are, you need to know the truth.Yes, i based the article around cosmetics, but bath products are just as bad. My 3 children all have eczema and so does my husband.We have found that bathing the children too frequently really aggravates theirs.Our doctor even suggested that unless they get really dirty we only bathe them 12 times a week.We use eucerin calming cream(The equate/walmart version)After each bath and that has really helped too. The raw patches near his groin and under his arms probably is a mix of his condition and www.formalaudresses.com rubbing clothing.Make sure that his clothing isn’t too tight, that he doesn’t get overheated and if it gets really bad use some baby powder to lessen the friction.A lot of what you are describing could be a heat rash even. I read an article recently that said swimming lessons were really good for children with eczema because the chlorinated/salt water has a healing affect.I’m not sure if that’s true, but we just moved into a complex with a swimming pool and have been everyday in hopes that it really does help.So far we haven’t had any dry skin outbreaks, but that doesn’t really mean much. Hope you find out a way to soothe him, it is hard to watch your children suffer.Oh, i also like to use a spray called dermoplast that numbs the worst spots so they don’t scratch, but you may want to check with your pediatrician before using it.

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